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Structural Characteristics and Working Principle of Expansion Door in Baishan Expansion Door Factory


I. Characteristics and application scope of telescopic doors


Expansion doors have the characteristics of beautifying the environment, improving the appearance of enterprises and enhancing the image of enterprises. They help to create a civilized enterprise, civilized factory and civilized city atmosphere. They also help to improve safety. They can alarm at night when they are damaged or overturned. Expansion doors are mainly used in enterprises, institutions, institutions, hotels, living quarters and so on.


II. Configuration and characteristics of telescopic doors


1. Intelligent infrared anti-climbing device: When someone climbs a telescopic door, the system will automatically alarm to ensure the safety of the door.



2. Special profiles: high hardness zinc-aluminium alloy profiles with different shapes of ribs and bones, greatly enhance the strength of profiles; surface treated by special electrophoresis, high gloss, not easy to stick to dust, not corroded by polluted gases, never rust, long shelf life.


3. Engineering plastics: The main plastic parts of the door body (such as the connection between pipe and pipe, plastic parts, door moving parts, etc.) adopt high quality engineering plastics (such as ABS, PC, PA), with high toughness, impact resistance, distortion resistance, wear resistance, freeze resistance, sunshine resistance, not easy aging, long service life.


4. Intelligent infrared probe anti-collision device: During the closing process of the door body, the infrared probe will be activated for detection. If the infrared probe detects a person or foreign body within 30-50 cm distance, it can automatically return to operation to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.



5. Standard structure: Gate row spacing (distance between main materials, excluding size of main materials) adopts standard size of expansion doors 320-350 mm (refer to foreign technology), which ensures the strongest traffic control and greatly reduces operating noise.

独特工艺制作门体主框架型材由塑料件连接而成,连接位的螺丝固定采用隐型设计,提高门体的外观性,型材与塑料件的连接则采用冲、压、钻等工艺,使门体结构牢固, 绝无焊点。

The main frame profile of the door body is made of plastic parts connected by unique technology. The screw fixing of the connecting position adopts invisible design to improve the appearance of the door body. The connection between the profile and the plastic parts adopts punching, pressing and drilling technology, which makes the structure of the door body firm and absolutely no solder joints.


6. Cross-connection design: The cross-tube is made by special technology and is equipped with super PA wear-resistant sleeve. The close combination with the round tube not only makes the door-row structure more firm, but also ensures smooth operation.


A. Crossing: oblique fork, double fork, flat fork;


B. reticulate: reticulate flowers with 4 to 7 holes, and three or four reticulate flowers.


C. Arc mesh flower: such as Jindunmen arc mesh flower


D. Horizontal Crossing and Horizontal Mesh


III. Main Structure and Working Principle of Telescopic Door


1. Telescopic Door Company attaches great importance to product research and development. It has not only made breakthroughs in product appearance, but also made remarkable achievements in structure. For example, the structure of Duan Slide Door and Duan Slide Door products is the pioneer in the industry.


2. The structure of telescopic door is mainly composed of door body, driver and control system. The door body is made of high quality stainless steel and aluminium alloy profiles. It is articulated by the principle of parallelogram. It has flexible expansion and large travel.


The driver is driven by a special motor, worm and worm gears are decelerated, and a manual clutch is installed. When power is cut off, the driver can start and close manually. The control system has a control board and a button switch. In addition, the wireless remote control device can be equipped according to the user's needs.


It can be equipped with a rolling display screen to display 500 words of display content. It can also be equipped with intelligent infrared dual-probe anti-collision device. 20-30CM can automatically return to operation when meeting people or foreign bodies, thus ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.