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Specification for Stainless Steel Telescopic Door of Jilin Electric Telescopic Door


Specification of General Electric Door Technical Specification:


一、设施使用的条件 无毁坏金属和绝缘材质的腐蚀性气体,室外温度-29℃~+39℃。

1. There is no corrosive gas destroying the metal and insulating materials in the condition of using the facilities, and the outdoor temperature is - 29 ~39 C.

二、设施名称数量 电动伸缩门2套。 驱动系统及LED显示屏(含遥控器装置、台式控制器)各1套。

2. Facility name and quantity 2 sets of electric telescopic doors. Drive system and LED display (including remote control device and desktop controller) each set.


III. Technical Requirements

1、功能形容 值班人员通过控制器发出指令,使电动门按预定轨道快速实现伸、缩运动,以达到控制大门封闭与放行的目的。

1. Functional description of duty personnel through the controller to issue instructions, so that the electric door according to the predetermined track to achieve rapid expansion and contraction movement, in order to achieve the purpose of controlling the door closed and released.


Electric Door Activity Features: Each part of the electric door receives stainless steel pipes, axle bushes, stainless steel nuts, nylon liner assembly. When assembling, each link is filled with high-grade lubricant, and the electric expansion is free.


The thermal protection motor designed for the specialty of electric door with frequent switching meets the requirements of high stability, high output torque, low noise and moderate speed.



Ultra-low noise design, in line with environmental requirements.


Brake device to ensure environmental protection requirements.


The manual clutch device can switch to open and close the door manually in the state of power failure.


Intelligent infrared probe line collision avoidance device of electric door can return to run by itself when encountering people or foreign bodies, thus ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.


The track form is monorail and the material is light rail.


Electric door can be used with electronic soft start and mechanical buffer device. The main engine starts smoothly and does not shake when it opens or closes.


Digital remote control system: The hand-held remote control handle can move within 49 meters around the control box, press the key of the remote control handle, the door opens automatically, press the key, and the door closes automatically.


Inductive Limiting: The gate body telescopes and fixes on the limit position, so as to achieve induction stop operation.


Wind-proof self-locking device, when the electric door is in place, the nose is immediately locked with the ground fixed plate, which can achieve wind-proof effect and anti-theft.

2、设施的主要技术参数 材料:不锈钢,厚度不小于2.2mm。

2. The main technical parameters of the facility are stainless steel with a thickness not less than 2.2mm.


Size of door body: The length of door can be customized, including nose (opposite door), height 2.8m, bottom width 9.71; single door 2769mm, height 1.2m, accept 69*69 stainless steel square tube manufacturing, thickness not less than 2.1mm, with 099mm single door.


Motor power: <2.6 kW (suitable for the length of the door, not unable to open the door due to insufficient motor power)

额定电压/频率:119V/69HZ 牵引极限:大于等于19m 噪声:﹤59db

Rated voltage/frequency: 119V/69HZ traction limit: greater than or equal to 19m noise: <59db

3、主要部件的材料和寿命 符合建设部标准,《电动平开、推拉围墙大门》JG/T 266-1994的相关规定。

3. The material and service life of the main components meet the Ministry of Construction standards, and the relevant provisions of JG/T 266-1994 "Electric Flat Opening and Pushing Wall Gate".

主体布局接纳国际标准不锈钢,门体不变形,结实耐用。 电动伸缩门的门体、机头、控制器等与设施安装相关的全部紧固件、备品备件和专用工具等满足运行1年的要求。

The main layout accepts international standard stainless steel, the door body is not deformed, strong and durable. All fasteners, spare parts and special tools related to installation of electric telescopic doors, such as doors, heads, controllers, etc. can meet the requirements of running for one year.

4、供货局限 电动门2套(含电动门控制箱)制造、安装及调试,包括预埋件。

4. Manufacture, installation and commissioning of 2 sets of electric door (including electric door control box) with limited supply, including embedded parts.


Drive system and LED display (including remote control device and desktop controller) each set.


Provide complete and effective quality certificate, production license, factory qualification certificate, 4 sets of necessary drawings for site use and maintenance, and 4 sets of complete written and electronic installation and maintenance instructions.


Specification for Stainless Steel Telescopic Door of Jilin Electric Telescopic Door